Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Implementation Services

Bacforce helps you increase your lead conversions, sales revenue, marketing efficiency, customer retention, and overall productivity with our focused Salesforce implementation services. We will customize your Salesforce implementation and assist you in developing custom apps as per your business requirements.


Benefits Of Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is the No.1 robust cloud-based CRM platform that combines every employee, department, process, and activity. Any business, small, medium, or large, representing any industry benefits equally from bespoke Salesforce implementation.

Benefits Of Salesforce Implementation
  • It empowers your sales team to identify past and present sales trends. Identify new opportunities, precisely forecast the lead prospects, and get clear insights to generate more revenue.
  • Customer information is updated in real-time, ensuring Sales and marketing people get accurate customer information as and when they need to optimize and personalize their sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Cloud technology makes Salesforce data accessible on any device at any time. It automates the lead conversion process, streamlines sales, and marketing activities, and boosts informed decision-making.
  • It boosts the overall efficiency and productivity of the customer support and customer service teams by providing them with the correct information to offer proactive and knowledgeable support.
  • The implementation enables businesses to track almost all business activities like inventory management, task scheduling, business forecasting, production, and accounting in one window.
  • It allows you to leverage a customized dashboard for all actionable data that gives a complete picture of customer relationships and precise insight, empowering everyone to make actionable decisions.

Salesforce Products We Can Implement

Bacforce has a team of experienced Salesforce professionals possessing proven experience in offering Salesforce Implementation Services. Let us add value to your Salesforce ecosystem and get the most out of us for better efficiency and ROI.

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We will be your reliable Salesforce Implementation Partner to get the most out of your Salesforce investment. We will help you implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to empower you to make informed decisions and improve customer acquisition, lead conversions, revenue, and productivity.

If you are planning to deliver a better customer experience, we will help you achieve excellence with our Salesforce Service Cloud implementation expertise. Our Salesforce implementation experience will help you stay on top of your customer journey and make your organization genuinely customer-centric.

Choose us as your reliable Salesforce Implementation partner and start delivering an exceptional shopping experience. We will help you empower your marketing activities and personalize campaigns to show value and stay in touch with your customers at every stage of their journey.

Connect with your customers, employees, and partners and build long-lasting relationships leveraging our Salesforce Implementation services. We will customize and implement the Community cloud in your Salesforce environment to hand over control to users, offer customization as per need, and create an exceptional brand experience.

Bacforce helps you precisely implement a trusted, flexible, and speedy commerce solution - Salesforce Commerce cloud. Enjoy digitized orders, automated orders, targeted marketing campaigns, predictive analytics, and full-fledged social media extensions for enhanced reach and increased revenue.

Bacforce helps banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies offer a unified customer experience with our unique Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation expertise. Track everything from customer information, deposits, debts, leads, referrals, and everything from a single window.

Effectively manages and quantifies your programs like fundraising, grants, workforce, and more as we optimize our Salesforce implementation services to meet your nonprofit goals. Enjoy automated donor profiles, manage volunteers, enhance relationships, and achieve growth.

When you have the right Salesforce Implementation Partner with you, it becomes easier for you to meet the changing demands of the healthcare industry. Quickly get a 360-degree view of patient data, experience intelligent care collaboration, and personalize the end-to-end customer experience.

We treat every business equally, so if you want to implement Salesforce Vaccine Cloud in your Salesforce ecosystem. We will help you integrate ethics into the vaccine management process so that you can seamlessly manage inventory, enhance patient engagement, and distribute vaccines effectively.

Allow us to implement Salesforce CPQ in your CRM so that you can enjoy the automated process of configuring, pricing, and quote creation. We will assist you in streamlining the quote creation per your KPIs with a vision to offer personalized and accurate quotes that lead to increased sales.

Leverage the best enterprise social network available by leveraging our bespoke Salesforce implementation services. Organizations can use it to work securely at the workplace to share files, develop networks, declutter email, keep teams connected, and update status.

Learn the secret of turning data into insights and insights into profit by choosing us as your reliable Salesforce Implementation Partner. We will help you unravel the power of AI to streamline your customer service, sales, marketing, branding, and other business activities leading to an increase in your ROI.

Get a competitive advantage by leveraging our Salesforce Implementation Services to monetize your IoT investment. We will implement Salesforce IoT so that the large amounts of data processed by computers, sensors, and apps can be converted into meaningful insights and overcome petty business issues.

Are you interested in implementing a B-2-B marketing automation platform in your Salesforce environment? Bacforce will be your reliable Salesforce implementation partner to ensure easy reporting ROI, get valuable sales insights, create emails to close more leads, drive more revenue, and achieve growth.

We will enable your field service teams to do better and increase their productivity, by implementing Salesforce Field Service in your CR environment. We will customize your CRM environment so that your field services will be automated, productive, optimized, real-time, and per the company's needs.

We will help you implement Salesforce Quip to take advantage of the world's NO 1 CRM and collaborative productivity suite. Our Salesforce professionals will help you streamline exporting and importing live data to enhance collaboration and visibility by enabling a virtual work-from-anywhere environment.

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Our Salesforce Implementation Process

Salesforce implementation is a significantly complex process and has a reputation for humbling even the most skilled professionals. But you do have the power to successfully roll out your implementation project if you prefer Bacforce as your Salesforce Implementation Partner. How we approach, plan, implement, and train definitely impacts your Salesforce implementation project.

Our Salesforce Success Stories

Over the past 11+ years, our dedicated Salesforce Developers have helped numbers of clients to get the customization done right to improve their sales process and streamline production.

Healthcare Solution

health care

Healthcare Solution

Healthcare group of companies with problems that needed more basic lead transformation discernment. To scan it quickly, our SF developers the ability to view customized options, created standard sales dashboards, verify exact lead sources, and campaign association of online leads.

Salesforce Lighting


Salesforce Lighting

Our client, a peer-to-peer lending and alternative investment marketplace based in Canada offers the opportunity to lend money to businesses. By implementing the Salesforce Lightning console, we were able to successfully advance the existing underwriting procedure.

Real Estate Solution


Real Estate Solution

A reputable real estate service provider chose Bacforce in San Francisco for their Salesforce project. Our Salesforce developers deliver unique integrations and custom development solutions to address various needs, maximize their CRM, and unlock the most incredible power of their Salesforce investment.

Why Us As Your Salesforce Implementation Partner?

At Bacforce, we have aligned our Salesforce implementation services to be agile, communicative, and organized. We invest as much effort as you invest in the Salesforce CRM. We scale and support you throughout the transition. Our Salesforce team can empower and strengthen your Salesforce investment by successfully implementing innovative solutions. Although we implement solutions meeting your current needs, we also focus on the evolution of your business

11+ years of Salesforce experience

11+ years of Salesforce experience makes us capable of getting the most out of your Salesforce

Our diverse industry experience

Our diverse industry experience and knowledge of their needs and expectations help us align seamlessly with your goals.

Our vision is simple - Simple methodology

Our vision is simple - Simple methodology, focus on quality, value addition, and best business practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Salesforce implementation varies greatly depending on multiple factors like your company's size, the requirements' complexity, and the modules needed to implement. Apart from the initial implementation costs, some additional costs are involved, such as licensing fees, custom development, and integration with another system.

Therefore, consulting with a Salesforce implementation partner is best to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs and requirements.

Usually, the length of Salesforce implementation also depends on versatile factors. However, a basic Salesforce implementation can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, while a more complex implementation can take several months or longer. Besides, remember that a Salesforce implementation is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process.

A reliable Salesforce implementation partner like Bacforce helps you ensure the success of your Salesforce implementation project in several ways,

  • A reliable Salesforce implementation partner has the experience and expertise to efficiently perform complex implementation by meeting your business needs.
  • You save time and reduce costs by teaming up with a reliable Salesforce implementation partner.
  • Your partner plays a crucial role in recommending, implementing, and customizing the suitable modules necessary to maximize the value of your investment.
  • A good partner always provides ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your Salesforce environment evolves with your business growth.

Here are some key factors to consider while choosing the right Salesforce implementation partner,

  • Experience and expertise.
  • A clear understanding of your business.
  • Well-defined project plan.
  • Adherence to the timeline.
  • Transparent communication.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Cost-efficient.