Salesforce App Development

Salesforce App Development

Our Salesforce app development services will help you strengthen your customer relations, automate sales and marketing processes, bring efficiency into communication and collaboration, and enhance your analytics and reporting capabilities.

Salesforce app development to satisfy all your business needs.


Boost Business Productivity with Bespoke Salesforce App Development

One of the significant benefits of developing apps in Salesforce is the reduction of development time. Our Salesforce app development services cater to higher market demands and faster deployments. We will help you create Salesforce apps using services built within the platform, offering enough scope to change business logic, customize UI, and flexibility to integrate third-party apps and systems.

Types of Salesforce Apps We Develop

At Bacforce, we have a team of experienced and skilled Salesforce developers proficient in custom Salesforce app development. Our developers have built Salesforce apps that provide services and solutions suiting independent business needs.

Our team of Salesforce developers and architects will design and develop CRM apps tailored to your business needs. We offer holistic Salesforce app development services, from cloud-based CRM to in-house app development.

Empower your sales team with simple yet intuitive sales automation apps. We build these apps to automate the repetitive sales tasks that deliver connected customer experience and boost sales productivity, efficiency, user adoption rate, and revenue.

Leverage our customer Salesforce app development expertise to build marketing automation apps. It helps you get 360 degrees of view of your customers, track and personalize marketing campaigns, measure success, and retain and grow your customer base.

We will help you enhance communication and collaboration within different departments and teams by building tailored collaboration and communication apps. Empower your teams to do more and do better by enabling them to share data easily.

Leverage the analytics and reporting apps our Salesforce app developers developed to get real-time data and actionable insights into operations and KPIs. Use custom reports to make informed decisions, find more opportunities, and work on forecasts to optimize the performance and efficiency of your business.

Our team of vetted Salesforce developers is highly skilled in developing e-commerce apps that easily integrate with your e-commerce platform. We will connect these apps with customer journeys to enhance personalization, scale flexibly, increase loyalty, and accelerate revenue.

Offer a delightful customer experience by automating and managing the customer support and service process. Our Salesforce service and support apps are meant to support case management, complaint tracking, resolution management, and more. It allows you to help every customer at any time and anywhere quickly.

Salesforce App Development Services We Offer

Bacforce offers custom Salesforce app development services to meet clients' expectations fully. We employ the best practices and best industry standards for Salesforce application development. Our Salesforce app developers follow agile methodology to deliver smooth working Salesforce apps.

Salesforce Mobile App Development

Salesforce Mobile App Development

We will help you develop a Salesforce mobile app with a custom layout, custom navigation, and personalized action. We will build Salesforce mobile apps for you by integrating Einstein Analytics, which offers a 360-degree customer view. Leverage our Salesforce app development expertise for Salesforce mobile app development, rollout, customization, security, and compliance.

Salesforce Mobile App Consultancy

Salesforce Mobile App Consultancy

With a solid portfolio of Salesforce apps having analytic and automation capabilities, we understand the precise app necessary for your business. We will guide you in every aspect, be it expanding your Salesforce cloud, customizing the existing app, enhancing the capabilities of existing solutions, or developing a new Salesforce app from scratch. We are ready to add value.

Internal Salesforce App

Internal Salesforce App

Catering to your needs, we will tailor your Salesforce app development services to build internal apps for managing your internal business operations, such as HR, finance, and IT. Achieve better collaboration, get a unified view of operations, and enjoy streamlined business processes.

Salesforce App Customization

Salesforce App Customization

We are masters of configuring Salesforce apps. Leverage our Salesforce application development experience to improve the experience of mobile users significantly. We can help you customize the UI and create object-specific actions, navigation, actions, and user experience.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Bacforce has an excellent and highly-skilled team of Salesforce professionals who can build customized mobile experiences for your organization. Outsource your company's Salesforce instance's management, maintenance, and optimization. Leverage our flexible hiring models to perform ongoing administration, support, and development tasks for the Salesforce platform.

Under the umbrella of our Salesforce app development services, we cover support and maintenance. You can rely on us for technical support, admin support, enhancement and customization, upgrades and updates, integration support, training, and adoption support.

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Tools and Technologies We Use for Salesforce Application Development



Lightning Web Components

Salesforce DX

Heroku IDE



Scratch Orgs




Social 25

Enjoy Our Full-Cycle Salesforce Application Development Services

Leverage the expertise of our dedicated Salesforce professionals to develop highly responsive web and mobile apps using liquid designs and scalable UI/UX solutions. We will help you build scalable and innovative Salesforce apps meeting your business needs and bring about a complete transformation in the sales, service, and marketing operations.

Our Salesforce app developers will conduct a session with you to discuss your requirements. They will analyze your objectives, goals, and the problems you intend to solve. This stage may involve interviews, workshops, and requirements-gathering sessions.

In this stage, our Salesforce app developers will create a prototype of your applications based on your requirements. It includes creating wireframes, user interfaces, and application architecture. It will be a to-and-fro process where iterations will be done until a design is finalized.

Once you finalize the design, our Salesforce app developers will start writing the code for the application using the appropriate Salesforce development tools and technologies. Following agile development methodologies, we take feedback and implement it in real-time to reflect desired changes.

Once the application has been developed, our quality assurance engineers will conduct a series of testing procedures to test iOS code, functionality, performance, and glitches. We continuously perform unit, integration, and user acceptance testing to ensure you get a bug-free and productive app.

After the application is passed through a vigorous testing scenario, our Salesforce app developers proceed to a production environment. After getting the green signal from internal teams and user acceptance testing, we deploy the app to your Salesforce environment. Sometimes, we deploy the application to a sandbox environment for further testing before deploying it to production.

After the application has been deployed, maintaining it and ensuring it continues to function optimally is our duty. Our Salesforce app developers offer post-launch support to monitor the application for errors, bugs, and regular updates.

Salesforce Success Stories

Over the past 11+ years, our dedicated Salesforce Developers have helped numbers of clients to get the customization done right to improve their sales process and streamline production.

Healthcare Solution

health care

Healthcare Solution

Healthcare group of companies with problems that needed more basic lead transformation discernment. To scan it quickly, our SF developers the ability to view customized options, created standard sales dashboards, verify exact lead sources, and campaign association of online leads.

Salesforce Lighting


Salesforce Lighting

Our client, a peer-to-peer lending and alternative investment marketplace based in Canada offers the opportunity to lend money to businesses. By implementing the Salesforce Lightning console, we were able to successfully advance the existing underwriting procedure.

Real Estate Solution


Real Estate Solution

A reputable real estate service provider chose Bacforce in San Francisco for their Salesforce project. Our Salesforce developers deliver unique integrations and custom development solutions to address various needs, maximize their CRM, and unlock the most incredible power of their Salesforce investment.

Benefits of Custom Salesforce App Development

Why Choose Bacforce for Salesforce App Development Services?

At Bacforce, we are a team of experienced Salesforce app developers and architects specializing in building custom apps for businesses wanting to achieve their business goals. If you wish to streamline your business processes, enhance productivity, improve customer engagement, or optimize your sales and marketing departments, our Salesforce app development services are focused on adding value.

We follow a customer-centric approach; that's why we keep our clients in the loop while developing applications and functionalities that capture the essence of their business goals and objectives. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation set up apart from the competition.

11+ years of Salesforce experience

11+ years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Our diverse industry experience

Faster Turn-Around-Time with speedy delivery.

Simplified documentation and easy onboarding process.

Simplified documentation and easy onboarding process.

24/7 support

We work in your Timezone to offer 24/7 support.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of Salesforce app development services you can understand by visiting the “Salesforce App Development Services We Offer” section on this page. If you do not find any particular service you have in mind, you can reach us by filling out the form, so we can discuss and optimize our service offerings to meet your needs.

Yes! We bring 11+ years of experience in Salesforce to the table. Our Salesforce app developers and architects have developed myriad Salesforce apps for multiple businesses from diverse industries. Our legacy of satisfied clients and three-digit project completions makes us capable of developing a Salesforce app meeting your unique business needs.

To develop a Salesforce app, you need first to hire a Salesforce developer, and it costs you around $28 to $40 per hour to hire a Salesforce developer from Bacancy. Besides, the time required to develop a Salesforce App depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the application, the number of features it has, and the level of customization required.

Yes, our Salesforce app developers are well acquainted with the new set of services and tools provided by Salesforce in the Lightning Platform Mobile. We leverage mobile designers and services, Mobile publishers, and software development set in the lightning platform to create mobile applications in Salesforce.

Yes, it is possible to develop Salesforce apps in-house if you have the required skills and resources available.

However, many prefer to work with an experienced Salesforce application development company with the necessary expertise and resources to develop custom applications. It is a cost-effective and efficient approach to leverage the experience and knowledge of a third-party development partner rather than building a development team in-house.

Contact us to discuss your Salesforce app development requirements.